About Us

Everyone has a unique path to recovery. Let us build it with you.

Build the Foundation to Lasting Recovery

Our mission is to transcend lives afflicted by addiction through a tailored path of individualized treatment to lasting recovery. Our supportive and compassionate team understands recovery is not just sobriety but an opportunity for a fresh start in life, helping residents heal the core of their addiction.

Our Story

Northridge Addiction Treatment Center is the product of a vision created by three men in long-term recovery who grew to learn and understand the importance of individualized care. They saw the grim reality of addiction firsthand, by personal and professional experience. Through that journey, NATC was created to take a holistic treatment approach to their residents. They carefully selected and entrusted staff at NATC to support each and every individual, their families, and loved ones.

Transformational Treatment

Ensuring recovery is for life, NATC only uses evidence-based treatment practices with a superior client-to-counselor ratio. Residents receive highly personalized attention in a calm, therapeutic environment that rests the mind, nurtures the body, and rejuvenates the spirit. Our clinical team works with you to accurately assess your individualized needs and collaboratively develops a treatment plan by you, your clinical therapist, and your substance abuse counselor. Our quality amenities and accommodations set the stage to focus on healing and promote a happy and healthy recovery. At NATC, we help navigate each resident’s journey to create a solid healing foundation where profound personal transformation can last.

Our Multidisciplinary Team

We cater to only a small number of residents, giving our experienced, multidisciplinary staff the advantage to provide residents genuine, exclusive care. Being surrounded by support helps challenge the detachment associated with addiction, promoting a new sense of purpose and abandoning negative self-perceptions. Our integrally involved team guides you through the difficult chapters of your recovery and works closely with you to accurately assess your unique needs and prohibit unaddressed obstacles. NATC believes in treating residents on a one-on-one basis, with each staff member invested in each resident’s care and well-being.

Accredited Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Northridge Addiction Treatment Center is licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services and accredited by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is the global leader for health care accreditation. They are a non-profit organization that offers an unbiased assessment of quality achievement in patient care and safety.

Find Meaningful Recovery

Our caring and compassionate specialists are eager to help you comfortably navigate this journey to recovery. Our individualized treatment plan, programs, and therapies may be a perfect match for you or your loved one. Let us assist you in living the happy life you deserve. It starts with a phone call.

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