Celebrate Recovery

Faith-Based Support

A Christ-Centered 12 Step Program

Support groups can be a huge part of managing and sustaining lasting recovery. Northridge Addiction Treatment Center offers a Christianity-based recovery track to provide treatment aspects that align with a resident’s faith and encourages progress unique to every journey. Celebrate Recovery focuses on a wide range of adversities for all situations and walks of life. If you are hesitant about which program may be suitable for you, consider what aspects of a support group are most important. Being a part of a group that understands your experiences, promotes progress, and encourages your ongoing efforts to sobriety is crucial.

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is a Christian integrated 12 step program using biblical scripture to facilitate recovery. The philosophy behind the program is anyone can find freedom from hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Celebrate Recovery offers a confidential and positive place to address struggles with addictions, destructive and compulsive behaviors, shame, anger, codependency, past abuse, and more.

The History of Celebrate Recovery

In 1991, at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, Pastor John Baker, a former alcoholic who began his recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous, started the concept of Celebrate Recovery. He reached out to Pastor Rick Warren to support his vision of a rehabilitation program based on the word of Jesus. With Pastor Warren’s help, Celebrate Recovery began in Saddleback Church under Pastor Baker’s leadership.

Find Meaningful Recovery

Our caring and compassionate specialists are eager to help you comfortably navigate this journey to recovery. Our individualized treatment plan, programs, and therapies may be a perfect match for you or your loved one. Let us assist you in living the happy life you deserve. It starts with a phone call.

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