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In 2015, the Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that about 21.7 million or 8.1% of people aged 12 or older needed substance use treatment in the past year; about 1 in 20 adolescents, 1 in 6 young adults, 1 in 14 adults aged 26 or older.
Among the 19.3 million people aged 12 or older who needed substance use treatment did not receive treatment, representing 89.2% of people who needed treatment in the past year.


Deciding to enter an addiction treatment center is difficult, but choosing the right one for your recovery can be overwhelming and frustrating. You have already taken the first brave step in recognizing a change needs to take place and looking for help. You or a loved one should consider many essential factors before finding the best treatment facility for you:

Facility Licensing and Accreditations

A facility’s licenses and accreditations can help you spot a reputable residential addiction treatment center from another less trustworthy. In California, the Department of Health Care Services, also known as DHCS, is the only authority to license reputable rehabilitation facilities.
NATC holds California State Licenses for Recovery and Treatment Services, Detox Services, and Incidental Medical Services. In addition to State licensing, NATC holds a Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) accreditation from the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is the global leader for health care accreditation. They are a non-profit organization that offers an unbiased assessment of quality achievement in patient care and safety. Accreditation requires an on-site evaluation by the Joint Commission, which assesses compliance with their standards and verifies self-improvement activities.

Staff Licensing and Credentials

An addiction treatment center’s staff credentials and licenses show whether they have the knowledge, education, and experience to deliver the most effective care for your recovery.
At NATC, our carefully selected team are highly trained professionals that exceed the approved standards of drug rehabilitation services. All our clinical staff holds the specific credentials, such as licensing and accreditations, to provide the utmost quality of treatment and tools to lifelong recovery.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

The top addiction treatment centers have a multidisciplinary team that is licensed to practice in their specific field. You should be cautious if staff members take on many roles.
Our team consists of a broad range of the highest quality inpatient professionals. Each integrally involved staff member holds a specialized license or accreditation for their respective title and has experience in addiction treatment.

Evidence-Based Treatment and Therapy

Successful treatment facilities depend on evidence-based treatment programs for effective, life-long recovery. Evidence-based practices are prevention programs and strategies proven through medical research to effectively change substance abuse behaviors and attitudes.
NATC relies on evidence-based practices such as twelve-step facilitation therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment. NATC is where you build a life-lasting sustainable recovery, restoring your hope, health, and spirit for life by confronting what may have led to the start of your substance abuse.

Residential Care / Inpatient

A nurturing, calm, therapeutic environment can be crucial to your recovery. It is essential to focus on healing and concentrate on education about healing aspects such as diet, exercise, and constructive activities. Your path to recovery from addiction starts with a chance to focus on yourself and fulfill your personal development.
Our residential program sets the stage to create a solid healing foundation where profound personal transformation can occur. NATC’s intimate atmosphere of comfort can calm the mind, nurture the body, and rejuvenate the spirit. Our facility provides close access to hiking trails, mountains, and beaches while offering quality amenities and accommodations to promote a happy, healthy, and successful recovery.

Patient-to-Counselor Ratio

Low client-to-counselor ratios are critical to an effective recovery. Clients with consistent personal contact with their counselors and access to more concentrated therapies based on their progress tend to have better treatment outcomes.
NATC has set a high standard for client-to-counselor ratio. This type of ratio allows superior personalized care for each resident because drawbacks never go unrecognized, ensuring success with your individualized treatment plan.

Individualized Treatment

It is crucial to successful, life-long recovery that you find a treatment program that does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Individualized and tailored programs make sure to address each client’s issues and needs.
Our team at NATC understands that each resident has specific needs depending on many factors, creating a unique treatment plan toward healing the underlying cause of addiction. Our clinical team works together with you to accurately assess your individualized needs and collaboratively develop a plan of treatment by you, your clinical therapist, and your substance abuse counselor.

Co-occurring Disorders

The coexistence of both a mental health disorder and substance use disorder is a co-occurring disorder known as dual diagnosis. Because addiction and mental health are so closely associated, proper diagnosis of either disorder can be challenging. A condition can be left undiagnosed, leaving you unprepared to have a healthy, effective recovery.
Our highly trained treatment team recognizes that untreated mental health disorders can lead to substance abuse. By discovering and properly treating each disorder, chances at a sustainable recovery increase.

Family Therapy and Support

Addiction is referred to as a family disease because it affects the whole family. Family members can be a source of help and support to the treatment process, learning to meet the challenge of working together through the hurt they’ve experienced. Clients are more likely to have an effective recovery when the entire family is educated about addiction and participating in the rehabilitation.
At NATC, our team understands family therapy can be an integral part of your addiction treatment. Family members can be included in counseling sessions creating the opportunity for healing during treatment and throughout rehabilitation. NATC creates a solid foundation for recovery, but building trust and addressing communication issues in relationships helps manage healthy habits after treatment. Addiction is a family disease, but recovery can be a family celebration.

Insurance Coverage

Quality treatment can be pricey, but many treatment facilities are covered under your health insurance policy. It is important to make sure your insurance is accepted or that a clear payment option is established before enrolling.
To become a resident at NATC, you can check if you are covered through your health insurance policy through our insurance verification page. To explore other payment options, contact us to learn more.

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