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Dialectical behavior therapy offers structure to cope with emotions and avoid toxic behaviors successfully, equipping you with skills to manage your thoughts, feelings, and relationships. At Northridge Addiction Treatment Center, we want to ensure we are providing you with the most valuable and effective treatments for addiction and co-occurring conditions. For that reason, we offer DBT and other treatments backed by medically researched evidence at our facility. Our therapist works closely with you to replace the emotions that trigger substance use with coping skills for a better life, helping you envision, express, pursue, and maintain goals.

What Is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)?

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is a comprehensive, evidence-based type of cognitive behavioral therapy treatment. This leading treatment was initially designed for borderline personality disorder by Dr. Marsha M Linehan, a mental health researcher at the University of Washington. DBT has proven to be effective with a broad range of mental health conditions and co-occurring disorders.
The primary principle of DBT is the fusion of both acceptance and change as requirements for improvement. The treatment involves a balance of accepting life’s certainty and challenging an individual’s desire to give in to their affliction. It focuses on replacing dysfunctional behaviors with positive coping skills such as mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. DBT incorporates strategies and concepts to promote sobriety and eliminate the length and harmful effects of relapses. It has been demonstrated to help individuals cope with severe emotional imbalances caused by the co-occurrence of addiction and a mental condition.


What Are the 4 Modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy?


Core Mindfulness

DBT mindfulness teaches individuals to observe, describe and participate fully in the present moment, regulating their attention with a nonjudgmental mindset.


Interpersonal Effectiveness

DBT’s interpersonal effectiveness strategy targets practicing social skills and effectively navigating interpersonal situations and conflict to improve relationships.


Emotional Regulation

DBT’s emotional regulation skills seek to better manage an individual’s personal emotions by identifying and labeling feelings that serve as barriers to changing negative behaviors.


Distress Tolerance

DBT distress tolerance educates individuals on crisis management and acceptance strategies to turn affliction into opportunities for constructive coping techniques.

What Are the 5 Key Functions of DBT Treatment?


Enhancing capabilities

This critical function includes practicing the four DBT modules to improve several essential life skills.


Generalizing capabilities

This DBT function works by applying treatment benefits to an individual’s daily life through everyday practice and troubleshooting or therapy sessions.


Improving motivation and reducing dysfunctional behaviors

Another key function accomplished in individual therapy involves prioritizing negative behaviors to address the most severe, motivate change, and reduce actions that do not influence life positivity.


Enhancing and maintaining therapist capabilities and motivation

This DBT function involves maintaining effective treatment despite clinical challenges, such as complex, challenging behaviors taxing on resources, by supporting and encouraging therapists.


Structuring the environment

This function of DBT is a strategy aimed to help modify an individual’s environment to one that is most conducive to the reinforcement of promoting progress and structuring the treatment around that progress.

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