Residential Treatment

Give Yourself a Real Chance at Recovery

You can’t beat addiction alone. With every resident at Northridge Addiction Treatment Center experiencing their personal battle with addiction, our team ensures to tailor your path to recovery to the most effective form for your individualized success. We know there is no single treatment that is suited for everyone. Our passionate professionals work with you to create a unique treatment plan based on comprehensive evaluations and your collaboration. They are motivated not to rush you through treatment but to design and work with you on a valuable rehabilitation plan.
Give us the chance to give you a path to the life you’ve always wanted.

Comfortable and Safe Medical Detox

Northridge Addiction Treatment Center offers a safe and tranquil environment for medical detoxification, allowing you to rest and heal safely. We expertly manage the dangerous effects of withdrawal, a harmful physical dependence on a substance, with skilled medical care and guidance. Our detox program gently weans your body off the toxic, harmful substances that build up during use. Guaranteeing safe, quality care, NATC keeps a medical doctor on staff around the clock. Our luxury facility places very high importance on a peaceful and nurturing environment for you during the detox process to be comfortable in your first recovery step.

Treating the Root of Addiction

Occasionally, the root of a substance use disorder is more complicated because of a co-occurring mental disorder, such as depression or anxiety. At Northridge Addiction Treatment Center, we offer dual diagnosis treatment, addressing substance use disorders and mental health disorders simultaneously because we know successful recovery follows addressing underlying issues. Our team devotes themselves to help you confront and manage negative memories, thoughts, and feelings related to trauma and self-esteem difficulties. We also provide residents with an outside referred mental health practitioner when necessary.

Treatment Practices Based on Science

Northridge Addiction Treatment Center’s drug and alcohol treatment programs are rooted in science supported by medical studies and research evidence. Our evidence-based treatment approach is a commitment to ever-advancing treatment for success. These supported treatments provided to residents include medication assisted treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, 12 step facilitation therapy, relapse prevention therapy, and emotion regulation therapy. Residents also participate in individual, group, and family therapy sessions. These group events and treatments help you let go of shame and realize that you are not alone in your struggle.

Therapeutic Healing

Our supreme level of care and our accommodations, including catered meals and a pool, allow our facility to ensure that rehabilitation is pleasant and comfortable. We place weekly grocery orders composed by our residents, and our private chef customizes meals not only to meet any dietary need but because we insist on wholesome nutrition. We offer music and art therapy and survey residents for weekly outings. Northridge Addiction Treatment Center is close to hiking trails, beaches, and stunning mountains, neighboring Malibu and Beverly Hills. Excursions and other outdoor activities include kayaking, fishing, go-carting, boating, amusement parks, and whale watching. If you are going to overcome addiction, comfort doesn’t have to be a contradiction.

What Is Residential Inpatient Treatment?

Residential treatment, also known as inpatient treatment, delivers the most intense level of rehabilitation for individuals with drug and alcohol addictions. Provided housing in a residential rehab facility is the simple defining component of inpatient treatment. It provides a secure, stable, and structured living environment with 24-hour care and an intense focus on leaving individuals equipped and stabilized to return to their private life.

What Happens in an Inpatient Treatment Facility?

After completing detox, our inpatient program focuses on stabilizing your health to initiate practicing recovery fundamentals. Each morning at Northridge Addiction Treatment center, you will set your daily goal, followed by recreational therapy, to evolve your mind and heal your spirit. Yet, there is no typical day at NATC. Every day is different because everyone gets an individualized treatment plan catered to their specific recovery needs and goals. Discover more about what life at NATC is like.

How Do You Know if You Need Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is beneficial for a wide variety of individuals struggling with addiction but especially helpful for the following situations:

  • Individuals at high risk of experiencing drug or alcohol withdrawals due to the demand for medical supervision because of the dangers it’s intense symptoms present
  • Individuals enduring a relapse after trying an out-patient program or some form of less extensive drug and alcohol treatment
  • Individuals suffering from co-occurring mental and substance use disorders due to the hardships of having compounding disorders and its requirement for intensive care
  • Individuals who may not have a stable, healthy, or positive home environment, where recovery is disregarded

Our specialists can help determine if residential care at Northridge Addiction Treatment Center is right for you or your loved one. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have. Let’s talk about your specific needs.

Find Meaningful Recovery

Our caring and compassionate specialists are eager to help you comfortably navigate this journey to recovery. Our individualized treatment plan, programs, and therapies may be a perfect match for you or your loved one. Let us assist you in living the happy life you deserve. It starts with a phone call.

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